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Temporary work

Temporary work

At certain times, the need for a new permanent member of staff will be clear. On other occasions, such as in the case of unexpected absences, busy periods, or skills shortages for specific projects, a temporary professional may be exactly what your organization needs to stay on track and get ahead.

With more than 45 years’ experience in field of human resources, Hays developed its Temporary activities to give its clients the possibility to be supported with Temp Workers Staffing but also Temp-to-Perm recruitment. Well known for putting the quality of service in the center of its consideration, Hays delivered an unexpected high level of service in this sector. Always with the idea that the right job can transform a person’s life and that the right person can transform a business. 

Thanks to our temporary work department, you will get :


Time and cost effective : Hays will take care for you of the entire paper work (including tax and social contribution)

Head-Count Management : thanks to our temp workers who won’t be on your payroll, we give you the opportunity to manage easily your headcount.

Recruitment proactivity : thanks to our temp-to- perm activity we give you the chance to recruit for free, one of our temp workers after his mission.

Instant impact : Temporary workers are used to join organizations for a short period of time, so can make an immediate impact on your business.

Shorter hiring process : Thanks to a strong quality process, Hays shortlists candidates that already went through an entire qualification  process and makes sure they fit your expectations and can be on boarded in a 24h delay.

Highly skilled, focused experience : temps usually have a very specific skillset and are accustomed to performing on very niche projects. Having a highly specialised individual in your team can really help to drive your organisation forward.

Flexible : perhaps the most widely acknowledged benefit of temps is that they are flexible. Temps allow you to respond to market needs and demands, as they happen.

A key part of our recruitment strategy is managing risk and compliance. Our due diligence processes include: Bespoke referencing checks, Standard and enhanced background checks, SLAs, Confidentiality and codes of conduct. 

Based our recent survey that highlighted the desire of our client to use more and more the temp system to recruit people and get flexibility thanks to different channels,  we choose a unique business model by not being a generalist agency. Our consultants are specialized and working on a 360° approach to handle both temp-workers and clients expectations. Globally active in 22 specializations, in Luxembourg we are focusing on IT, Banking, Finance and Office support and are happy to be your temp partner for qualified profile : 



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