Career advice

Career advice
How to boost your employability

Regardless of the role you're interested in or want to apply for, there are certain areas that need careful preparation.

Our experts can draw on their experience of dealing with employers to advise you on a number of related topics, including:

  • CV preparation
  • Covering letters
  • Interviews
  • Job offers

You'll find more information in the sections below.

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Candidate career advice

Drafting a CV

A well written and constructed CV is a must for you to secure an interview. 

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Effective cover letters

Accompanying your CV, a covering letter must highlight your skills and abilities while also demonstrating your knowledge and interest in the job an organisatin you want to work for.

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Handling interviews

Meeting your potential new employers can be daunting but it's a great way to let your personality and attributes shine through.

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Accepting an offer

Congratulations! You've got the job but there are still a few things you should consider.

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