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Every semester, the teams of the Hays group in Luxembourg make civic commitments.
We use the fun present in the DNA of the company to serve our social responsibility.
The important exposure of our employees on the market, combine with the large number of companies and candidates with whom we have contacts and links, convinced us that we are in the right place to act as pioneers in these subjects.
Through these initiatives we want to set an example and contribute to building a responsible society. To do this, we have offered to one of our employee the position of quality and CSR manager. He is responsible for leading our daily commitments through the implementation of quality processes but also fun and eco-responsible challenges.
For the second half of 2020, we have chosen the theme of recycling.
We offer our employees, weeks of work without disposable products. We suggest that they ban from their day to day any object or product that can be replaced by something durable or reusable. For example: we have removed plastic cups from our open spaces and we did replace them with gourds, cups and other glasses made from recycled materials.
During this semester, one challenge per month punctuates our weeks and as a result, the most committed employees have the opportunity to win an electric bicycle. 

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