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"Since March 2020, we have been going through a health crisis that has had a structural impact on all areas of our economy. The world of work as we know it is changing and it is our responsibility to adapt to this situation in order to be able to support all our clients and candidates established in Luxembourg.
This is why it is important for me to honour our appointment and present you with the 7th edition of our Luxembourg Remuneration Survey. Every year, Hays recruits more than 7,000 professionals (permanent, temporary and contract positions) to assist its clients in their recruitment efforts.
The aim of this study is to help you understand the different sectors of activity in which we operate. It describes the needs of clients and company directors, the skills required, the new professions and, of course, the evolution of salaries.
Our recruitment experts, specialised by sector of activity, share with us their vision of the jobs and sectors for which they recruit.
The first part of the study will be dedicated to an overview of the market and the overall recruitment trends in the Grand-Duché.
The second part analyses the different sectors of activity and presents the salary scales for each of them.
We are at your disposal to provide you with more information and to assist you in your recruitment needs or in your job search.
Thank you for your loyalty. I hope you enjoy reading it."
Tina Ling
Présidente Directrice Général
Hays France & Benelux

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