Etablir un descriptif de poste

Etablir un descriptif de poste

Pourquoi et comment rédiger un descriptif de poste ? Retrouver tous nos conseils dans cette partie.

Attirer les meilleurs candidats

Attirer les meilleurs candidats

Attirer les meilleurs candidats pour votre entreprise grâce à nos outils de communication.

Techniques d'entretien

Techniques d'entretien

Découvrez différentes techniques pour aborder un entretien selon votre objectif.

Motivate staff

How to motivate staff

Performance reviews are essential for employee retention

The concept of 'a job for life' no longer applies to the majority of workers. People today move to new roles whenever they feel their needs are not being met. 

Retention is therefore a major challenge facing the modern employer. It’s also important to cultivate an environment of challenge and praise to help motivate your staff.

Here's how: 

1. Challenge employees
2. Create healthy competition
3. Delivering negative feedback
4. Share information
5. Praise when merited

To know where each of these techniques is most effective, you need to have frequent reviews with each member of your team to encourage ambition and understand any grievances.

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