For nearly 20 years now, Hays is the world leading company on the contracting business. The contract branch of Hays is our consulting and services entity. We do provide external consultants coming to help our client, advise them, share a high level of knowledge and expertize for both short or long term assignement.

Right in the middle of big4 and usual services companies, we created the branch thanks our clients. At this time, some of our main clients asked us for a solution to cover the gap between the consultants who were too expensive and the others who were just pushed because of banch management. We decided to take advantage of our recruitment & selection expertise and use it for consultancy.This is the reason why, every single request for proposal  is handled by a recruitment team specialized in the field. We have partnership with many services agencies, independent consultants, or internal experts and monitore for you the contract management. At the end, Hays gives the exact service you are waiting for, giving you the opportunity to be supported by the right consultant in the right place and work without a banch management problem: That’s makes us unique.  

In addition to an usual service delivery, the contract department thanks to its belonging to the group is also able to support you to lead sub-contractors partnerships and gives you the chance to reduice the number of providers and to save money. This is call MSP (Master Supply Provider).

The Luxembourg’s contract teams are specialized in the field of IT and Finance, we deliver our service in the following sector.




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