Rédiger un CV

Drafting a CV

A well written and constructed CV is a must for you to secure an interview.

Rédiger une lettre de motivation

Effective cover letters

Accompanying your CV, a cover letter must highlight your skills and abilities while also demonstrating your knowledge and interest in the job an organisatin you want to work for.

Accepting an offer

Accepting an offer

Congratulations! You've got the job but there are still a few things you should consider.

Interview success

Interview success
Preparation is key

• Get some information on the company and the people you are going to meet
• Don't forget to bring a copy of your CV, an notebook and a pen so you can take notes during the interview
• It is important that during the interview you demonstrate that the job fits for you, you must read the job description and compare it to your experiences and highlighting the elements on your CV matching the job description
• Take care of the presentation of your CV but do not go over the top - first impression lasts!

First impression
• As soon as you arrive, everybody will already have an opinion of yourself, from the front desk to the Director and each of them could give their opinion and influence the choice of candidate
• In the interview room, if other people are introduced to you, stand up, shake their hand, look at them when you greet them and smile. Remember their names in order you have to speak to them during the interview

Some pointers
• Remember to remain under control and calm
• Know how to be attentive and concentrated. Slow pace will allow you to listen better, so better answer
• If you wish, you can train yourself at speaking clearly and concisely by recording your voice
• Your body language reveals your self-confidence. If you normally are enthusiastic, speak with your hands , beware of not overdoing it
• Do look at your interlocutor when you speak to him but do also address yourself to other people present in the room
• If you say something that you did not mean, and you think that it can go against you, correct and rephrase it precisely. Do it immediately, you won't be able to return to this point later
• Be honest regarding your strong points and your weaknesses. Show that you understand your weak points and that you are trying to improve them.
• Questions to ask to the recruiter

The interview is for you a way to prove your motivation and determination.
• Prepare your questions in advance
• Who are the other people in the department?
• What kind of professional relationship would we have?
• Are there any chance of training?
• What will be your main tasks to undertake?
• Will I be in contact with other departments, clients or suppliers?
• What types of missions not included in my job am I likely to have?
• What opportunities are there to expand my responsibilities?
• Has the company got plans to expand - what consequences will they have for me?
• What are the opportunities for advancement within the company?

• They may explain how the result of the recruitment process will unfold. If this is not the case, ask. Try to find out when they will contact you again, but do not insist - most employers will not want to commit to the time before he had time to review all candidates
• Make sure those involved know where to reach you
• At the end of the interview, thank your Futur employer for taking the time to welcome you and shake your hand.
• Remember to say "goodbye" personally to each person you met
• Do not forget to greet the hostess when you leave, especially if she looked after you were while waiting (she gave you tea or coffee, looked after your coat, bags ...).

After the interview
• After the interview, be sure to call your Hays Consultant to keep him/her informed of the progress
• The Hays Consultant is your preffered interlocutor, it is the link between the company and yourself. he consider your requests and objections. He can also make wait while you provide additional informations
• Some recruiters can give you their direct phone line to contact them in case they need additional informations. Take advantage of this opportunity if you need it. However, do not wait too long to get back to them (one week maximum)
• You can write a letter or an email to confirm your interest and thank the interlocutor whom received you

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