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Effective cover letters

Accompanying your CV, a cover letter must highlight your skills and abilities while also demonstrating your knowledge and interest in the job an organisatin you want to work for.

Handling interviews

Handling interviews

Vous avez été retenu pour passer un entretien. Ne le redoutez pas !

Accepting an offer

Accepting an offer

Congratulations! You've got the job but there are still a few things you should consider.

Drafting a CV

Drafting a CV
Getting it right

A well constructed CV is your first important step to securing that all-important first interview.


• Use a good quality white paper
• The presentation should be clear and simple: use a classic font and do not eccentricity
• Make sure that your CV does not exceed two pages, one is even better

• Put your name at the top of the first page and your contact information below. Enter your mobile phone number but do not include your work number if you do not want to be contacted at your workplace
• If you really want put an ID photo onto your CV, ensure that you are dressed professionally and are natural

• The structure of your CV should be airy, clear and easy to understand. You must present the facts about you in a simple and concise manner
• Use bullets instead of complete and often heavy sentences
• Your work experience and your education must be listed from the most recent to the oldest
• Never leave empty period, if you had a year working on temporary assignments, say so in order to not arouse suspicion. Leave nothing to chance
• If you have numerous work experiences, list them by skills to avoid that your CV is overloaded. Emphasize the skills more than the companies for which you worked
• Mention your interest to the end and still briefly

Check your CV for mistakes
• Check the spelling of your CV several times and have it read by various people
• Staple the pages together. Other fasteners should be avoided because the sheets of your CV may be separated
• Send your CV in an envelope of good quality, with a first class postage rate as a sign of efficiency and addressed to a named individual
• Remember that your CV is the first impression you give to your potential employer. Present it professionally
Important: By mail send your resume in word or pdf format. Excel is not recommended for drafting your CV

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