Rédiger un CV

Drafting a CV

A well written and constructed CV is a must for you to secure an interview.

Handling interviews

Handling interviews

Vous avez été retenu pour passer un entretien. Ne le redoutez pas !

Rédiger une lettre de motivation

Effective cover letters

Accompanying your CV, a cover letter must highlight your skills and abilities while also demonstrating your knowledge and interest in the job an organisatin you want to work for.

Accepting an offer

Accepting an offer

You got the job of your dreams, you successfully negotiated all the interview questions. However, the recruitment process is far from over.

Imagine this scenario
You are invited to a second interview for a position you like. The interview draws to an end and your potential employer offers you the job immediately. You can still think about it. Thank him with a frank smile and tell him/her that you can give him/her your answer the next day, adding that you are 99.9% sure of accepting the position. At this stage of recruitment, there is no right or wrong answer. Be honest. Your Futur employer will understand the need for you to weigh the pros and cons one last time. The most important thing is what you do once you have accepted the offer.

Verbal or written agreement?
"I said yes to my new employer, should I still confirms it in writing? "Is a recurring question. The answer is a resounding" YES. "If, after your answer you received a written proposal for the position, you must reply in writing too, to be courteous in any case. Moreover, to avoid misunderstandings, it is always better to have written documents. Request that the proposal letter be sent by mail, so that you can respond formally. If your employer wants you to start as soon as possible, the letter will arrive shortly.

Complete your letter
On your letter, states all the necessary information : name, address and date
Thank your new employer for offering you the job.
Confirm your starting date (if you do not have it yet, let them know as soon as possible)
Finish your letter on a positive note

Before you start
There is no reason to let your new employer without any news from you. Send him/her an email or make a phone call. It is even possible that your new boss invites you to lunch to meet your future colleagues, make the effort to get there! If he doesn't think about it, why do not suggest it yourself? The more you learn about the company before you start, the easier it will be on the first day! Remember that it is possible that your new boss doesn't think to create an opportunity to introduce yourself, be proactive in this case, take the lead and show your willingness to integrate into your new environment. Following these tips will give you confidence and help you to undertake various activities related to the development of your career.

Good luck.

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